by HopelessDew

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released May 22, 2013


tags: punk Japan


all rights reserved


HopelessDew 東京都, Japan

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Track Name: Why Don't You Wonder What Proves People Exist
Can you feel you're alive?
Can you sure you're alright?
Can you explain
what you see, touch, listen and feel?
Can you show me you are in existence?
What does prove your feeling?

I sometimes wonder seriously
that I am really exiting.
Nothing can prove that question.
But I guess one thing is for sure.
I think therefore I am.
This phrase is the proof of my being.

Don't believe your eyes.
It's like a dream.your eyes are only show
Nothing can become reality.
But must believe you feel yourself.
We just feel what we feel.
It matters, I know.
Let's change the point of view.

I'm thinking.
It's just a tiny change for me.
I just worry about my thinking.
But everytime I'm thinking,
no matter what I think.
I think therefore I am. That's it.
Track Name: Better Days
We’re looking for something to believe in
Put on the brand-new shoes, Leave this town at the sunrise
Go in the direction of the light leads
We’ll make each own way,.

Turn the light off,my room becomes like a prison
I fight against solitude in there
I even don’t demand to leave from there
I set to fire for everything

When this long way would be to the end
We could come into view the happy faces for everyone
Can we stand up for just one time?
When we look back our wasted time
We're sure about our bleeding scene is end.
No more nightmare.
It’ll never happen again

if there'll be nothing left to lose                       
we should not find the better days                             
if there'll be nothing left to build up
we should not find the better days
Track Name: Time For Action
When the other just fade away
Men never felt full of superiority
Was the direction not the same?
Follow us for the reason to be in a hurry

Why i feel unhappy trust with no words
I always be there ,and be there for me too

Even if you stop running
you may be abused
We could bring back to our stage
When you get to ready for time for action
Let it all go for our generation!

Why you feel unhappy?
Trust with no words
Stand and fight to get your honor
Keep your promise is in my mind
Let it all go for our generation!
Track Name: 26th again
I woke up badly again
I had a bad dream that I was perfect for me
Whenever i remember you
I just wanna try to get to you
'cause you`re going away
Show me easy way

You also woke up badly everyday
You had a bad dream that you was poor for you
Whenever you come back
I just wanna try to get to you
Even if you're here with me
I can't deny you

The time keeps running out
It's not the same
It’s the only one
Whenever i remember you
It's a hard for me to realize
The god gave us a few equality

When I notice
I’m the same kid in my memory
Teardrop keep falling down
I still keep waking up badly everyday
Whenever i remember you
Track Name: Trigger
You seem you betray what you decide
No one says you're right.
It's not a simply trouble ,but an emergency.
I can't forgive and forget.

You let me rush down stairs as one of my choices,
There's no relief.
Stop the sound of this alert,
i still feel something wrong in my body

If you don't run away
i'm ready to pull the trigger.
and i'm staring at your hypocrite's screaming
You should feel the regret your deeds
and to give up your purpose

If you wanna surrender
i'm ready to pull the trigger
so i'm telling you the nonsense ‘I’ll miss you.’
Pull the trigger and end after flushing.
I just wanna to take a shit

What if every doors are closed right now.
I have to check by knocking them.
The word ‘all right’keeps crossing in my mind.
Hurry up, get off from there.right now.
Track Name: Nothing to Make it Up
Everything is knocking out
cause you’re not be changed.
If you don't care about anything
no one waits for you
All you have to find out what you can do
Everything is reconstructed
cause you got the points makes you grow up

You wipe your sin clean before
and you have nothing to make it up
Somehow you've been blaming till forgive yourself
It's the time to release yourself

The bright light open your eyes
As saying goodbye
having lies of your life and having a forced smile
I'm not sure when you do without us you need us
I’ll be waiting the hope

Don't be scared to sacrifice yourself
Don't be afraid of being alone
Someday you’re gonna be strong
You should be waiting for it

You wipe your sin clean before
and you have nothing to make it up
Somehow you've been blaming till forgive yourself
It's the time to release yourself
because you ready change the world we can see)